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  • Continuous Process Improvement – an entire toolbox of improvement methodologies including Lean, SixSigma, PDSA, and more
  • Leadership Development – key topics for emerging, operational, and/or strategic levels of experience
  • Baldrige Style Assessments – helping and training your employees to assess your own organization
  • Application Writers' Workshop - Understanding the requirements and expectations of the Baldrige Examiners
  • Thanks for the Feedback … Now What? - Using your feedback report as the basis for action plans



Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award:

  • Baldrige Examiner processes - how the examiners will review your application
  • Internal assessor processes - how to conduct a Baldrige Criteria self-assessment
  • Criteria implementation - how to deploy the criteria as your strategic framework for leadership and management
  • Application writing assistance - from technical editing to full writing services
  • Application review & analysis - from suggestions for improvement to a full Baldrige-style feedback report
  • Site Visit Preparation - fully prepare your organization for a successful site visit



  • Leading the Journey to Performance Excellence - define, refine, align, and integrate your leadership and management systems based on the Baldrige Criteria framework
  • Strategic Planning – from process design to publication of actionable goals and objectives
  • Action Planning – develop effective action plans to help achieve your objectives
  • Customer Relationship Management and Improvement – meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of your  internal and external customers
  • High-Performance Metrics and Scorecards – select, collect, align and integrate the measures to help lead you to success
  • Workforce climate and culture improvement - enhancing engagement
  • Work System and Process Design – economical processes designed to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and safety
  • Process / Performance Improvement - from identifying the opportunity, to selecting the best approach, through sharing and sustaining


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